Susie: The shopping assistant for the blind

Audio interface conceptualization

"Susie" is a way finding navigation system for the blind to shop in stores with audio and vibrational assistance. There are two main pieces of technology involved: bluetooth earpieces and a smart watch. The earpieces have Suzy's voice audibly navigating the user through the store using location services and beacons at the beginning and end of each aisle. As the person gets closer to the aisle, a detection "beep" or haptic will occur to allow the user to know how close they are getting to the aisle. The wrist watch device will then direct the user to the product using a vibration in the same way the beacons are used except there will be an RFID tag on every product. With RFID technology, or RFID tags, we can help communicate information instantly. Where a UPC barcode is read only, RFID tags can read and write information, and are used for tracking products. A UHF tag can be read from 20 to 30 feet away. So, once the user is in front of the product, they can hold the sensor to the item and Suzy will let them know they have the correct item. If the user wishes to identify a product, there is a button on the watch to initiate the RFID scanner that sends the information to Suzy for that of which she would relay back to the user. Suzy will change lives all over the world giving more independence to the visually impaired. This design project is a collaboration between Ali J. Stinehour & Kristina Robins.


A True Green Machine

Product Prototype

Mobile Application Interface

The Desktop Interface

Case Study

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