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MY PERSONAL STATEMENT:  Ali Jay Multimedia is a multi faceted digital media company that offers photography, videography, design, promotion, and event planning services, to a large clientele in the music industry. My passions have always been mostly focused on music, because music and art are the best ways for humanity to express themselves and help society connect and grow as a community. 

WHO I AM: While “Ali Jay” serves as a music loving fun person to work with in the music industry, the love I have for the music community is home to me, with or with out my persona. My entire life, I have moved every couple years around the USA with my parents, because my mom was deep in the radio industry. I have known since I was very young that I knew where I belonged, in her footsteps but on a different path. I come from a musical, artistic, and hardworking family. Therefore, I am very proud to carry out our lineage. So, upon getting my Communications degree, I decided I wanted to go to school for design and explore the creativity in me. I found that my love for photography and videography had gone hand in hand with the design world, and the music world as well. In my freshman year at University of Colorado Denver, I started my own media page on Facebook. I began using concert photography to find my place in the music industry, and before I knew it, I networked my way up in to shooting some big shows and nailing a job as a talent buyer. I am rapidly learning all different sides of the music industry and my dreams are coming true one job at a time. In a world full of false news and gossip columns, I have every intention of using the power of media for good.

MY PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT: I help make connect musicians to new opportunities upon branding themselves successfully. Unlike many young talent managers, I have experience on all sides of the industry, from professional logos, photography, booking management, and more, with every intention of helping support our music community as well.

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MY MEDIUM, STYLE, AND SERVICES OF CHOICE: My medium is digital arts with an emphasis on music. My services of choice are photography and eventing. I feel this way because it’s the only industry I have ever felt so passionate about that has a place for my hobbies to be my career as well. 

TARGET MARKET: My target market is the media in the music industry, live band oriented. My target/potential clients are venues and musicians. I hope to work for AEG or Live Nation someday doing some form of artist/venue management. It is not very unique, but they are the top dogs and I know I am destined to be one of them someday.

COMMON FRUSTRATIONS OR NEEDS MY SERVICES ADRESS: The most common needs and frustrations musicians and venues deal with is marketing and promotional assets getting completed in a timely manner. I solve this by getting multiple drafts done quickly, and getting my photos edited and sent to artist management as quickly as possible.

MY COMPETITION: The scope of competition in my industry is vast. In the concert photography world, the market is completely over saturated and listing them all would be nearly infinite. What makes me stand out amongst the rest of them is that I have more to offer with my other digital skills. I do not like to think of the music industry as a competition though, because we all work together to help get to top TOGETHER. 


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VISION | Ali Jay Multimedia strives to produce high quality imagery and marketing strategies with in the music industry to further build for a stronger community.

MISSION | My goal is help connect musicians to new opportunities upon branding themselves successfully. Unlike many talent managers, I have experience on all sides of the industry, from designing professional promotional graphics, photography, videography, booking, and more, with every intention of helping support our music community as well.

THE BIG IDEA |  The music industry, as well as the media, can be an unfair and overwhelming business to get into at times, but Ali Jay Multimedia is here to help you organize your digital assets, contacts, and goals, to make every step of the way move with grace and style. 

ATTRIBUTES | My work, from photography, to graphic imagery, has been publicly reviewed as professional, visceral, sharp, innovative, and affordable. I take pride in my clients that share their passions with me and I always strive to do my best to provide their product in a timely manner. 

VALUE PROPOSITION (DSI) | With in the values of Ali Jay Multimedia, comes the belief that with out music, all of our communities lack interconnection and the ability to escape the hardships of life through expression, and I am here to help make those dreams of expression come true with help of art, communication, and management skills.

TARGET AUDIENCE | My target/potential clients are venues, marketing agencies, radio stations, recording studios, and of course musicians. I hope to work for AEG or Live Nation someday doing some form of artist/venue management. It is not very unique, but they are the top dogs and I know I am destined to be one of them someday.

KEY MARKETS |  The market I want to be in is in the entire world of music. While all kinds of genres fascinate me, I have predominantly been working in the “Jam Band” scene. I do hope to break out one day in to working with Globally recognized artists in the realm of communications and photography. Currently, my media company serves as a one stop shop for the locals to get informed on Denver’s nightlife and artists/artist management to acquire quality imagery and promotional value.

KEY COMPETITORS | My biggest competitors with in my lifetime, who I hope to work for one of someday would be Clear Channel, Cumulus Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Live Nation, AEG, and many more. It is a vast industry of options to choose from, but I am confident I will find my place with one of them. With that being said, my own media company right now serves to benefit the locals of Denver. Many of the local media outlets that could be considered my competition have actually embraced my work such as Live for Live Music, Do303 Magazine, The Grateful Web, and more, have brought me onto many assignments. One of the many reasons I love this industry is how the locals build each other up, rather than create separation.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE | My critical component that makes me stand out most, is how many jobs I am capable of doing with the amount of connections I have with in this industry to help my clients achieve their potential at a reasonable cost.


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Problems in the music/photographer industry:

  1. backline rental applications - Why are there no applications for local backlining? Soultion: to create a mobile application for musicians to backline locally with other musicians under a supervised network.

Mission Statement - Our mission at The Blackline is, to facilitate the process for touring musicians in America, to safely borrow and lend their gear with other local musicians with our organized mobile & desktop application. 

Values- 5 words to explain our company: Community, Security, Networking, Social, Facilitation, Organization

What we do - Creating a National interface application for traveling/touring musicians so become apart of a community based instrumental borrowing program, where they can borrow instruments safely with a profile. 

Demographic - 

Age range: 18+

Gender: All

Employment & Pay: Musicians, who typically don’t much have money AKA how much will they purchase this app for, or will it be a monthly subscription. Backline tech? Free listing? Paid listing?

Personas - 

Persona 1: image, 27 year Eric luba, touring for 2 weeks from Colorado to chicago, forgot his amp

Persona 2: forgot pedal board

Persona 3: drummer doesn’t to take drum to his gig all the way to bracken ridge from denver.

Location research: Colorado first, then expand to Chicago and work our way into other states via distribution of advertisement. Next would be to expand to other cities with venues that are popular to hit on tours and connect with local/national venues.


-what is back lining? 

    The term backline is used in popular music and sound reinforcement system contexts to refer to electronic audio amplification equipment and speaker enclosures that are placed behind the band or the rhythm section on stage, including amplifiers and speaker cabinets for guitars, bass guitars and keyboards. Such equipment is often rented or leased by the band or their management, or provided by the venue. Speakers placed at the front of the stage facing the performers are also known as monitor speakers or "foldback." The main speakers facing the audience are sometimes referred to as "front of house.” -

-are there any mobile apps that do this?

    no, but there is the Denver Music Gear Swap. It is a Facebook group that helps connect local musicians to borrow each others gear. The PROS - you can borrow gear typically free of charge instead of renting from a store and it connects you to other musicians in the scene. The CONS- there is no form of insurance or accountability if something goes wrong with the instrument, and no ratings for the users either. 

-who is the demographic?

     Based on Guerrilla-Style interviews, the demographic consists of typically touring musicians or local musicians that are missing their gear or getting it repaired. Age group is 19-55 years old, predominantly men. 

The biggest problem with researching this issue, there is literally NOTHING about backline instruments listed in any article form. All complaints I have received over the years have been via word of mouth. The good thing about this though, is that it is an untapped market! The closest thing I found, was an article about how buying and selling your instrument on Craigslist is shady. I looked up Craigslist because people often use it when out of state to backline their instruments on stage, and I have heard multiple nightmare stories about an instrument being damaged or stolen. The article basically explains how sellers aren’t always very knowledgeable about the instrument they are selling and their language becomes defensive and innapropriate.

Competition: is a desktop only interface that lets you rent equipment, but not borrow from locals. There is a $30 fee for every piece of the instrument. So if you're a drummer that would suck. While it is more secured, you don’t network at all with the local musicians you would want to get to know, making my back-lining mobile app, more desire-able. This source only really matters just to show you the lack of personal connection. It has a very corporate energy to it.

  1. MLA formatted citation (link to Purdue Owl) (Links to an external site.)

Backline (stage)

Crazy Craigslist Thread in Musical Instrument Sale Section Illustrates Why Buyers Should Always Beware

Ashley Belanger - 


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