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Ali Jay Multimedia is a multi faceted digital media company that offers photography, videography, design, promotion, and event planning services, to a large clientele in the music industry. My passions have always been mostly focused on music, because music and art are the best ways for humanity to express themselves and help society connect and grow as a community.


While “Ali Jay” serves as a music loving fun person to work with in the music industry, the love I have for the music community is home to me, with or with out my persona. My entire life, I have moved every couple years around the USA with my parents, because my mom was deep in the radio industry. I have known since I was very young that I knew where I belonged, in her footsteps but on a different path. I come from a musical, artistic, and hardworking family. Therefore, I am very proud to carry out our lineage. So, upon getting my Communications degree, I decided I wanted to go to school for digital design and explore the creativity side of me. I found that my love for photography and videography had gone hand in hand with the design world, and the music world as well. In my freshman year at University of Colorado Denver, I started my own multimedia business page on Facebook. I began using concert photography to find my place in the music industry, and before I knew it, I networked my way up in to shooting some big shows and nailing a job as a talent buyer. I am rapidly learning all different sides of the music industry and my dreams are coming true one job at a time. Post the COVID 19 shut down, I found my self working my dream job with my favorite band in the world, Umphrey’s McGee, as a social media director and a band manager for their drummer’s second band Kick The Cat. In a world full of false news and gossip columns, I have every intention of using the power of media for good.


I help make connect musicians to new opportunities upon branding themselves successfully. Unlike many young talent managers, I have experience on all sides of the industry, from professional logos, photography, booking management, and more, with every intention of helping support our music community as whole as well.


My medium is digital arts with an emphasis on music. My services of choice are photography, asset design, booking, and social media campaigning. I feel this way because it’s the only industry I have ever felt so passionate about that has a place for my hobbies to be my career as well.


My target market is the media in the music industry, live band oriented. My target/potential clients are venues and musicians. I hope to work for AEG or Live Nation someday doing some form of artist/venue management. It is not very unique, but they are the top dogs and I feel I am destined to be one of them someday.


The most common needs and frustrations musicians and venues deal with is marketing and promotional assets getting completed in a timely manner. I solve this by getting multiple drafts done quickly, and getting my photos edited and sent to artist management as quickly as possible.


The scope of competition in my industry is vast. In the concert photography world, the market is completely over saturated and listing them all would be nearly infinite. What makes me stand out amongst the rest of them is that I have more to offer with my other digital skills. I do not like to think of the music industry as a competition, because we all work together to help get each other to top TOGETHER. I am in competition with my self to constantly put the best teams together possible.


The most successful project I have ever tackled was the “Barrel Room Sessions” video series during my internship at Mile High Spirits Distiller. We got it sponsored by Pepsi, and I booked 6 major bands to come and play a few songs for each episode. The whole season was be 6 episodes that aired at different times through cohosting on social media. Booking these artists and managing a creative team was truly my foot in the door to the Denver music scene. Musicians and budgeting the bookings are equally overwhelming. My go-to skill to overcome any obstacle in the music scene is to always look to my role models for guidance. I constantly have to remind myself of strengths others acknowledge in me range from my sociability, management skills, photography talent, and ability to bring communities together.


PASSION: With out passion in my job and my team, I lack motivation. If I am not passionate, then how could I possibly be the right person for the job?

RESPECT: I treat others with respect and expect respect in return. If there is no respect, from my past experiences, then typically there is a lack of communication that could break a hard working team apart. If I feel disrespected, I will find someone to work for that is deserving of my loyalty.

COMMUNITY: I believe in community to be one of my strongest values. I am a team player, and I think the most support for businesses always starts with a foundation built on community. I rely on my music community in all aspect of my life, whether it be personal or professional; they rarely let me down.


My main goal is to use my creative skills in alignment with my management skills to help improve the music industry. With that, comes the need for change with streaming, such as helping my bands have a better focus on their return of investment and being better prepared to advance into the new era of social media as gracefully as possible.

My passion project goal that my partner and I have been working on is now looking to be a ten year project at this point. We are working on a clothing line for musicians for comfort and cooling, with hopes of expanding to the general population of festival attendees.

My personal hope is to eventually be able to work remote where ever I want to be with a stable income and to never have to choose a “plan b” when pursuing my passions.

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