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Blog - ID kit research

Blog - ID kit research

  • What do you consider to be your medium, style, and services of choice? Describe why you feel that is the case and links to some examples.

  • I consider myself to have multiple mediums, styles and services of choice. My main mediums that I utilize for my work would be social media asset design, photography, and videography. My style varies on the band I am working with but I usually design with bold high contrast themes and color palettes. For example, my band Kick the Cat has used all of my designs for their logo and socials. https://www.instagram.com/kickthecatmusic/

  • Personal photography examples of high contrast: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUTEIUSltJ0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CRRWhDwDbD8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeEZzMFgVr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  • What kind of skills, aptitudes, and abilities are current jobs in your field requiring, and how do you think your skills align with them? Please provide links and or citations to where you are gathering this information.

  • My job field in the music industry requires all different kinds of skills aptitudes and abilities. They vary from from needing designers, project managers, social media campaign managers, photographers, videographers; which all apply to what I currently do in the industry. The industry also requires a lot more. To quote Joel Cummins from his book, The Realist’s Guide to a Successful Music Career, “Careers in the music industry exist in too many positions to list. However, this healthy list of options should give you a few leads:

  • Music production

  • Music management

  • Music marketing

  • Music instruction and teaching Studio/Session musician

  • Promotion

  • Positions with musical instrument manufacturers

  • Sound engineer

  • Stage tech Road crew

  • Local and regional live performers.”

  • Citation: Cummins, Joel; DeCoursey, Matt. The Realist's Guide to a Successful Music Career (pp. 15-16). Realist Books. Kindle Edition.

  • Thinking about after you graduate, what would you (either as a freelancer, employee, or business owner) offer that no one else in your market can? What would be your brand's unique value proposition?

  • I would like to continue to doing public relations through social media with my bands. I would also like to be a business owner with my clothing line designed for touring musicians to stay cool in high heat environments on stage. It is unique because the clothing will be designed specifically for musicians to be comfortable while playing long shows with a cooling fabric.

  • Ideally, what kind of clients/industries would you like to serve and work with, and why? Please provide links to a few examples.

  • I think it is obvious that I want my clients to be musicians, band managers, tour managers, ect. With in the music industry. Specifically, the touring/festival playing side of the music industry.

  • Through your research, please create a list of the kinds of problems you are most interested in addressing after you graduate and why

  • Problems I see:

  • Musicians feeling as if they are over heating in constantly changing environments while they travel for their shows.

  • Social media algorithm creating a discouraging ability to sustain growth of fanbase and consumers

  • Most money is in the industry today is made by touring & selling merchandise due to streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, YouTube music, and many more. These streaming services have completely changed how money is made. I want to find other avenues for musicians to make money.

  • Based on your research, what attributes and services do you think you would need to offer to be competitive in your envisioned marketplace?

  • My social skills and knowledge of the side of the music industry I am apart of play one of the biggest roles in my work. I create connections, implement new ideas, and make it happen.

  • My design skills help my bands avoid us taking money out of our typically limited budgets for social media assets, posters, and merchandise design.

  • My photography and videography skills also help cut costs. This cost cutting seems like a financial loss for me, but even with my discounted rates in all actuality I end up making more money on gross percentage I take from successful events.

  • I also have a team of extremely talented people (who are ready to do the work I need done when I am on the road) with my agency Loose Leaf Talent Agency that I put together. My team building and managing skills are some of my best attributes.

  • My mediation skills serve great purpose as a band manager.

  • My education from the Digital Arts & Media program has made it very easy for me to spot what bands are doing wrong and show them how to improve their branding skills. So I often take consulting jobs as well.

  • My passion. To quote Joel again upon his passion test for finding out if a job is right for someone, "There is a big difference between popular and passionate! Popular is usually short term and fades; passion, however, can fuel and inspire anything and everything around it. ​The bottom-line: If you aren’t passionate about music, or what you say you want to do with or around music, then you might need to consider whether your intentions are genuine.”

  • Citation: Cummins, Joel; DeCoursey, Matt. The Realist's Guide to a Successful Music Career (p. 14). Realist Books. Kindle Edition.

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